Thursday, July 11, 2013


Last Saturday, a group from Living Hope Baptist Church in Albufeira drove out to Lagos to help us distribute VBS invitations.   In two hours, nine people passed out 2,000 invitations!  We are very thankful for their help!

Thank you for praying for the upcoming VBS!

The group from Living Hope Baptist Church.  
Pastor Mark Pereira is not in the photo, as he was our photographer.

The invitations

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Prayer Letter

July 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

When I opened the church door that Sunday morning, I immediately sensed something was different.  As the fluorescent lights flickered to life, I realized there were dozens of eyes staring back at me.  Green, glistening bodies were frozen in place, bemused half smiles on their wide mouths.  Everywhere I looked, there were frogs.  Had we been visited by an Egyptian plague?  No, it was simply the decorations for our upcoming Vacation Bible School. 

The theme this year is FROGS
F – Forgive
R – Respect
O – Obey
G – Give thanks
S – Serve

My wife has been planning and creating crafts, visuals, and decorations and now the church building is primed and ready to receive the children.

Portuguese for the most part, are uninterested in the things of God.  During the summer months, many head to the beaches and bars in a vain attempt to forget their empty and trouble filled lives.  Please pray with us, that God would touch hearts and draw parents and children to this time of fun, games, lessons, food and friendship.  Our VBS begins Monday, July 22nd and ends Friday, July 26th.  In our young church’s first VBS last year, we had 14 in attendance and one was gloriously saved.   We are begging God for more this year.

Fishing for men (and everyone else),

Mark Hale

 Front window

Main bulletin board