Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Prayer Letter

July 2011

Dear Praying Friends,

This past year, Selma sporadically attended our services and had little interest in anything that took place.  Nothing seemed to penetrate her darkness.  Knowing we needed heavy duty spiritual help, we asked you to pray for her and you did unceasingly.

Over the past couple of months, she began coming more often.  The last few weeks, she did not miss a service and listened to every word of my sermons.  Her stare was intense and her concentration total.  It was very apparent that you were praying!!

On June 15th, on her way to the grocery store, my wife, Michele, felt the Holy Spirit leading her to stop and visit with Selma and as a result, had the privilege to lead her to Christ!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!  The next Sunday, she gave her testimony while sitting next to her beaming Christian husband. 

Why is Selma saved?  Because God gave His Son to die for her, because God called a missionary to tell her, because you sent that missionary and because you prayed for her!!!  Without your support in prayer and finances, Selma would still be on the road to hell.  THANK YOU for faithfully laboring there, so we can labor here!

Grateful for the harvest,

Mark Hale