Friday, January 26, 2018

December Prayer Letter

December 2017

Dear Praying Friends,

God recently gave me this poem that I wrote for our son, Joshua, who is in Bible college back there in the States. I wanted to share it with you so you could know better how to pray for your missionaries and their children adapting to new lives in the U.S.

An MK at Christmas

He sits in his dorm room all alone, his roommates have left to go to their homes.
But his home is far across the seas, for his parents are foreign missionaries.
God called his folks many years ago, to serve the Lord where He led them to go.
They packed their clothes and said goodbye, waving with smiles but tears filled their eyes.
They served their Lord for many years, blessed with a son whom they love so dear.
They taught him at home with joyful hearts, preparing for the day that he’d depart.
Now God has called him to serve in the States, so he left his home and at college he waits.
The semester is over and finals are done, Christmas is near, the holiday has come.
No tree awaits him with ornaments so fair, no presents are wrapped their paper to tear.
He has a great job and his bed in the dorm, this is his life, this is the new norm.
Dinner for him is a can of soup, some crackers to add, for dessert some fruit.
He is alone in his new-found home, waiting to talk to his folks on the phone.
For dad and mom his room is so still, his pictures and toys the room they all fill.
Their tree is up, the ornaments are hung, but one thing is missing - their beloved son.
All three know this is the Lord’s will, so they determine their hearts with gratitude to fill.
They write lots of letters and share a phone call, they post lots of photos upon their walls.
Sure, it was better when he was right here, to hug him and tell him that he is so dear.
Yes, it was better when mom fixed his meal, his presents lay waiting, their paper to peel.
Feel sorry for them? Oh, don’t you dare! A frown on their faces they refuse to wear!
It may be sad for this moment right now, but one day for Christ they know they will bow.
Separations are hard, they’re never fun, longing to hear from Christ – “Well Done!”
Endure this hardness as good soldiers they will, thanksgiving to God their hearts are filled.
Thankful to God for the years they’ve had, enjoying the good and surviving the bad.
Knowing that life will soon be past, and only what’s done for Christ will last.

Thankful for our son, who is serving the Lord there in the States,

Mark Hale

Friday, January 12, 2018

November Prayer Letter

November 2017

Dear Praying Friends,

She is a social worker who helps underprivileged children have a better life.  She is a good person, moral, kind and respectful to others.  She recently visited our church and wanted to talk after the service.  We spent two hours answering her many questions and finally arrived at the crux of the matter. She admitted that she wasn’t ready to trust in Christ completely, she is still partially relying upon her many good works to get her to heaven.  Please pray for D., she promised to read the Gospel of John and the book of Romans and to keep in touch with us.  I promised to pray for her daily that she would come to know Christ as her all sufficient Savior.

 He is a good, moral man and has never cheated on his wife. He never drinks alcohol nor even caffeine laden drinks.  He has never eaten pork and doesn’t defile himself by touching anything that is forbidden. He tries to be honest in all his business dealings and even helps the poor every year.  Because of his work, he cannot pray five times during the day as his religion demands, so instead he rises every day at 5 am to pray five times before he goes to work. His name is A. and he is a good Muslim man who listens to the gospel and watches Christians to see if their religion is “real”.  Please pray for this man that he will come to know Jesus Christ as his Savior and forsake the idolatry and slavery of Islam.

 Prayer is powerful and that is why we send these letters every month. Prayer changes the person who prays and the person who is prayed for. Please remember D. and A., that they would be saved before it is eternally too late.

 Plowing and planting,

 Mark Hale