Friday, February 8, 2013

February Prayer Letter

February 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

The road is potholed and rough, the shoulders strewn with rock and debris.  Heavy traffic complicates driving and then that day there was the erratic bicyclist weaving back and forth on the edge of the road.  Each one of the cars in front of me took its turn speeding up and swerving around the man. Then it was my turn. 

As I started to step on the gas and swerve around the pedaling menace, the Holy Spirit told me to slow down and not try to pass him.  Just as I stepped on the brake, the bicyclist hit a pothole, his front tire went sideways, he went off the bike to the right and landed on the shoulder, but the small boy riding unseen on his handlebars flew to the left onto the road directly in front of my car.  I stood on my brakes as the little boy disappeared under my front bumper.

Screeching to a halt, I jumped out expecting the worst.  Kneeling down, I saw a frightened little boy, eyes wide with fear, hiding his face with his skinned hands.  I gently pulled him out and realized his body was jammed up against the engine and transmission housing.  Just a few more inches and he would have been crushed under my car. 

Hugging his boy, the father put him back on his handlebars and drove away without saying a word.  Hands shaking with adrenaline, I pulled off onto the shoulder and prayed, thanking the Lord with tears for His protection of me and the small boy.  

Thank you for your faithful prayers for us and praise the Lord for His protection of us!

Safe in His hands,

Mark Hale