Photo Gallery

The church has a hospital outreach.  Handmade cloth toys are delivered to the local hospital every month, so that the nurses can give one to each hospitalized child.  Each toy has a tag sewn on that includes the church's website.  On the website, there is a page dedicated to the outreach.  There is a Gospel presentation and the families are invited to visit the church. In June 2018, the thousandth toy was delivered!

Photos of the 2015 VBS in Lagos "The Treasure Hunt"

Photos of the 2014 VBS in Lagos "The Good News Train"

Photos of the 2013 VBS in Lagos "FROGS"

Photos of the 2012 VBS in Lagos "The Secret of the Watermelon"

Photos of the bell choir's Christmas presentation.

Summer youth camp 2011 at the Mount of Olives camp in Castelo Branco, Portugal.