Saturday, February 6, 2016

January Prayer Letter

January 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

Recently our son, Joshua wrote a text to his friends about the New Year.  I was so blessed that I wanted to share his words with you:

“May we live each day for the Lord, live each day as our last, not in the sense of doing crazy stuff because it’s on our “bucket list” but in the sense of “How can I do more for Christ today?”  Let us always remember as we read our Bibles, as we witness, or even as we struggle with sins or trials, that no matter what, God is in control.  He is our Lord; we owe our lives to Him.  So, may we do more for Christ this year, not to simply make and break New Year’s resolutions, but to live each day with a different type of  resolution: to make Jesus the center of our joy, because there is no more happier place or more peaceful place than exactly where God wants us to be.  Never forget why God has us here, not to live for ourselves, or follow our hearts or our will, but to meditate on His perfect Word and follow His perfect will day by day.  When we do that, we will show Christ clearly to others.  People see more than we tend to think, the question is, what do people see in us?  Do they see us, or do they see Christ?  I hope and pray that this year, more than ever, I will show more of Christ and less of Joshua Hale.  We must die daily to ourselves and let Christ live through and control our lives as Paul the Apostle said.  May God bless you and may Jesus always be the center of our lives, because when He is the center of our lives, He will be the center of our joy.”

He turns 18 next month and, Lord willing, will graduate from high school in May.  Our little boy has grown into a godly young man. We are so thankful to every one of you who have faithfully prayed for him down through the years and ask that you continue to pray for him as he seeks God’s will for his life.  Most of all, we are thankful to the Lord for the 18 wonderful years we have enjoyed with our son.  May God use Joshua in His service for His glory and honor!

Thanking God for Joshua,

Mark Hale