Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Prayer Letter

August 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

After months of planning and preparation, we held our first Vacation Bible School in our city, Lagos.  With the help of our sister church in the city of Albufeira, we had between 10 and 15 in attendance each day!  Monday through Friday,  it was a whirlwind of activities, games, lessons, and meals and it was a blessing to see the children and young people so interested and involved.

When the week was over and the last of the children had gone home, one boy stayed behind talking with our son, Joshua.  Cris has been coming to our church for the past two years, hearing the gospel and coming closer and closer to the truth.  As they talked Cris stated, “I want to be saved.”  Joshua said, “Let’s go talk to my dad.”  “No, I’ll wait until Sunday to talk to him” Cris stalled.  Joshua, sensing the urgency of the moment, warned “But what if you die between now and then?”  Cris agreed it was too important to wait and came inside the church where he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!! 

After we tearfully welcomed the newest member of God’s family, Joshua, as has been his habit for the last two years, accompanied Cris to his apartment.  Just minutes old in the Lord, Cris turned to Joshua and said, “I don’t think my mom is saved.”  He already has a burden for the lost in his family!  “We’ll keep praying for her like we have for you” Joshua informed him.  When they arrived at his door, Cris looked at Joshua and with a sly grin said, “You don’t have to walk me home anymore to make sure I am safe.”  “Why not?” our son asked.  Cris answered with assurance, “Because now I am saved!”

Blessed assurance,

Mark Hale

Click on this link to view a photo album of this year's VBS: