Friday, October 12, 2012

October Prayer Letter

October 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

A year and a half ago, when Pastor Mark Pereira asked me to help him restart the Bible institute in the city of Albufeira, it was a small beginning.  We had two men who consistently studied with us and we are thankful for their faithfulness.  Last semester, we had four who began studying at the institute and this year, we have seven adults who meet with us each week. 

Pastor Pereira has also set up a live streaming video feed on Ustream where others, who cannot be there in person, can tune in and study with us.  At any given time, we have five or six students in other locations tuning in to our classes.  If their schedules prohibit them from watching the sessions live, they can watch them later as all of our classes are recorded and saved.  We have students from other parts of Portugal studying with us as well as the African nation of Cape Verde and hopefully soon, Brazil.

Pastor Pereira and I have a great burden to see faithful men and women properly trained and able to minister to the almost 300 million Portuguese speakers on our planet.  Technology is a great tool that we are using to try to evangelize the lost.   Please continue to pray for this growing and vital Bible institute ministry.  It is our hope and prayer that in the coming years, we will see hundreds trained and serving all over the Portuguese speaking world and reaching people we could never hope to meet.

Thank you for making this possible!

Mark Hale