Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Prayer Letter

September 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

His hands shook as he gripped the pulpit.  You could see his legs shaking as he stood in front of the congregation and answered question after question from the assembled pastors.  He had studied for months in preparation for this day, but would he survive the terror that gripped his heart?

In late August, it was my privilege to take part in the ordination of Pastor Lenildo Monteiro. He has studied in our Bible institute for the past few years and passed each class with the highest marks.  He did the same in his ordination examination.  In spite of his fear, he answered each and every question with the authority of God’s Word.  All could tell this dear brother had spent time with the Lord and His Word.  The ordination council unanimously recommended to the church that they ordain him to the gospel ministry and the church did just that the next day!

He is now pastoring a Baptist church about an hour and a half away and we will continue to serve the Lord together here in southern Portugal.  Please pray for the growing Bible institute ministry.  It is vital for this country to have men and women who know God and His Word and can contend for the faith that is under attack from every direction.  Our first class begins Sept. 12th and we are praying for many more Lenildos to study with us and become faithful pastors of Baptist churches here in Portugal and around the world.

Thank you for making this possible,

Mark Hale

 Pastor Lenildo

 The ordination council