Friday, January 15, 2016

December Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

We held our Sunday Christmas service on the 20th and were blessed by one of the largest attendances we have ever had.  On top of that blessing, we had two first time visitors: 

M. is a very religious woman who has been attending our free English classes each week.  Although she has been invited to services numerous times, this was the first time she ever came.  She listened to the message and stayed for the time of fellowship after the services. Please pray for her.

N. is the lost husband of one of our very faithful ladies.  He suffers from a heart condition that could kill him at any time, yet he rejects the existence of Christ and denies the need to repent of one’s sins and be saved.  He is always friendly when we talk or visit but remains aloof and distant.  He listened to the message and also stayed for the fellowship time after the services. Please pray for him.

No matter where we are in the world, we are always blessed to thank God for His Son, Jesus Christ, and the greatest gift mankind has ever been privileged to receive – eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  We also thank the Lord for every one of you who make it possible for us to minister here on your behalf.  May God richly bless you dear friends!

Sharing His gift,

Mark Hale