Sunday, September 4, 2011

September Prayer Letter

September 2011

Dear Praying Friends,

Running along the shoulder of the road, he frantically waved his arms and stepped into the path of oncoming cars, desperately trying to get a ride.  I stopped and he thanked me repeatedly.  He held an empty two liter pop bottle and informed me he had run out of gas and had to leave his wife and infant daughter at their stalled car.

It was a scorching day and he had been gone for almost an hour when I picked him up and took him to a gas station.  Arriving at their old car, we saw his wife with both car doors open anxiously waving a cloth to cool their eight month old baby who lay on the front seat.  The girl was flushed and lethargic and I had the lady take their baby back to my car and turned on the air conditioning.  I gave the mother a bottle of water and went back to help her husband.

It took ten minutes to finally get their auto started and then I followed him back to the gas station.  In the coolness of my car, baby Angelina revived and sipped water contentedly.  After Pedro filled his car, he and his wife, Maria asked me, “How can we ever repay you?”  I quickly replied, “Come to church with me this Sunday.”  

Unfortunately, after two weeks of vacation in southern Portugal, they were headed back to Lisbon the next day.  On the back of a gospel tract, I wrote the name and telephone number of a fellow missionary in that city and begged them to visit his church.  They smiled politely and nodded but have not yet contacted our missionary friend in Lisbon. 

Please pray for Pedro and Maria and their daughter Angelina, that they would seriously think about what happened that day and come to Christ before it is eternally too late.

Sharing the water of life,

Mark Hale