Friday, May 24, 2013

May Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,
He had a good job, a family and a home, but like so many other Portuguese, he allowed alcohol to take over his life.  First, he lost his job, then his family and his home.  He came to Lagos looking for work and to try to rebuild his shattered life.
He found a minimum wage job at a hotel and stays sober, but his family lives in another city.  At the invitation from a man in our church, he began attending our services.  At first he was more interested in his cell phone than in my sermons, but the more he has come, the more interested he has grown.  He listens closely now and after each service, always assures me that he will be back the next week. 
Please pray for L., that God’s light would penetrate his darkness and that he will see that Jesus is his only hope.  Before any real healing and restoration can take place, he needs Christ as his Savior.
Please continue to pray for the Windward Side Baptist Church in Lagos, Portugal.  We have had three first time visitors recently and are praying that many more will come, hear the gospel and be gloriously saved!
Proclaiming Christ in Portugal,
Mark Hale