Monday, June 10, 2013

June Prayer Letter

June 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

Last month we asked you to pray for L., a Portuguese man who recently began attending services in our church.  He continues to come each week, singing hymns, turning to each passage of Scripture and listening closely to every message.

Recently, we began services, but he had not shown up.  I sadly thought, “Oh no, he has quit coming.”  I continued leading the service, but with a heavy heart.  Then, half way through the song service, L. walked in, but not alone!  He had invited his friend, C., to services and she had reluctantly come.  (Just two weeks before, she had adamantly declared that she would never come to a church service). 

She is the sixth first time visitor we have had in the last few months!  She has continued to come and listens to my sermons with mild interest.  She has three children whom we would love to have in our services as well.  At times, we have more lost attending our church services than saved!  What an opportunity to preach the Gospel!!  In spite of Satanic opposition, God is at work doing what we could never do!  We know you are praying, we can see the power of God opening doors and hearts like never before. Please continue to pray for Windward Side Baptist Church in Lagos, Portugal and for all those in this city that God seeks to save.

Thanking God for your prayers,

Mark Hale