Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December prayer letter

December 2011
Dear Praying Friends,
I had spent hours walking up and down the cobblestone streets of Lagos, passing out invitations to our services and talking to the few who would listen.  My feet hurt, my back hurt and now of all things, it began to rain.  Wet, cold and murmuring under my breath, I finally made it back to the church building and decided to do some work there before going home.  “Might as well do something worthwhile” I grumbled out loud.
That is when the three boys, Gonçalo, Rui and Tiago showed up peering in through the windows.  I invited them in and the curious young men entered and immediately began asking many questions:  “What is this place?”  “What do you do here?”   “Do you celebrate Christmas?” In answer to their questions, I gave them the plan of salvation and some gospel tracts which they read and put in their backpacks.
Although I had spent hours in what appeared to be wasted effort, God used the rain to get me back to the church building just in time to accomplish His will.  Please pray for these three and for all those we have invited to our special Christmas service; that they would come and hear about the Savior and why He was born so long ago.
Praising God for showers of blessings,
Mark Hale