Friday, April 5, 2013

April Prayer Letter

April 2013 
Dear Praying Friends,
For the last three years, she has come to every special service we have had.  She has heard the gospel plainly each time, but usually sits in the back and fidgets.  Uncomfortable with the song service, the prayer time and especially the preaching, she continues to come in spite of her discomfort.
She once again came to our Easter service, but this time she sat one row closer to the front.  She actually sang some of the hymns and didn’t fidget once.  When I preached, she made eye contact with me and listened closely.  I could tell the powerful word of God was making the inroads into her darkness that I never could. 
Her son, Cris, was saved last summer in our first VBS.  He immediately began to pray along with us for his mother’s salvation.  Will you please remember Ina in your prayers as well?  Although very reserved and quiet, she has recently opened up to Michele and talked at length with her.  We can see the Lord at work in her life and long for her to join her son in the family of God!
Praising God for His resurrection,
Mark Hale