Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Prayer Letter

June 2011
Dear Praying Friends,
Because the Roman Catholic Church never met her needs, she turned her back on formal religion and sought for truth in other places. 
Once a week, our son, Joshua has a horse riding lesson with this lady. She is a young woman who is passionate about preserving nature and introducing children to horses.  Several of the village children are taking lessons from her and it is a great way for Joshua to meet other kids, practice his Portuguese, learn how to ride horses and most importantly, be a testimony for Christ. 
Recently Michele had a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with her.  While she acknowledges a “supreme being” she doesn’t think it is possible to know the Lord personally.  Please pray for her to move beyond the worship of nature and come to know the Creator as her personal Savior.
Reflecting His light,
Mark Hale  

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