Saturday, July 19, 2014

June Prayer Letter

June 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

Sometimes we don’t see the forest for the trees.  We focus on one thing and miss other equally important things.  We look at what we don’t have and lose sight of what we do.

Recently in one of our Bible Institute classes, I was talking about how discouraging it can be to pray and labor, then pray and labor more and still not have much to show for your efforts.  I was commenting on the apathy and hostility we face in Lagos in our efforts to reach the lost of this 2,000 year old city. 

Jan looked at me strangely for a moment and then quietly said, “But Pastor Mark, if you had not come here, I wouldn’t be saved, and more importantly, my daughter, Anna, wouldn’t be saved!  Her being saved means more to me than my own life.  How can you put a price on one soul, let alone two?”

I immediately realized my mistake.  Instead of focusing on those who have been saved, I was focusing on the many which still reject Christ.  I am thankful for Jan and his new found faith.  I am thankful for those who have accepted Christ and for our small young church here in this ancient, darkened city.  I am also very thankful for those of you, who in spite of world economic crises and the resulting financial pressures, still keep your promises and support our ministries in prayer and finances!  It is so easy to focus on those who haven’t and not be truly thankful for those who have!

Thank you for your sacrifices, thank you for your faithfulness, thank you for staying with us through thick and thin.  Every soul saved, every life changed is fruit to your account!

Grateful for you,

Mark Hale

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