Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Prayer Letter

October 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

I remember starting our church with just two boys attending every Sunday.  When my wife took the boys to the Sunday School class room, I would sit in the empty auditorium and pray for their salvations and for the thousands of people in our city of Lagos that rejected Christ and His gospel.  It was a discouraging time and we labored for years with occasional visitors but only a few adults who came and went. We tried everything that had worked in the past but with no success.  We knew God had called us here and were determined to stay until He said it was enough.  All during this time, you faithfully kept praying and giving to keep us laboring here.

Until a year ago, space was not a problem.  Our small auditorium had plenty of seats to spare.  Now, with so many coming to services and four families taking our new members class, it has become a challenge to fit everyone in.  For two years, we have been praying for the storefront next to ours that is used as a paint warehouse.  It would make a great auditorium with enough room to triple our attendance and still have the original rooms for the children’s classes, for church fellowships and for activities.

During our VBS we got acquainted with the owner of this store front.  Please pray with us that we will be able to win him to Christ and if it is the will of God, that we will be able to purchase his store front to handle our expanding church.  Our Father knows our needs before we do and we are confident He will supply the need just as He always has.  But we also know that when you folks pray, God listens to your prayers; so we are asking that you join us in prayer for this situation. 

Thankful for space problems,

Mark Hale

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