Sunday, August 7, 2016

May Prayer Letter

May 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

The deep chest pain was a harbinger of what was coming.  She fearfully posted on Facebook that Tuesday morning, “I need a miracle!”  Later that day, the heart attack hit with such pain that she collapsed, unable to move.  Her husband called for an ambulance and held her while they waited for help to arrive.

Last year, this couple began attending services at our church in Lagos.  He was thrilled with our verse by verse studies of God’s word, she was less than enthusiastic.  He was growing spiritually and reaching others, while his wife sat impatiently through the services, fidgeting with her phone and looking out the window in the auditorium.  Eventually, she quit coming and then began inventing things for them both to do during service times. Two months ago, he stopped attending church.  Then we got the news. 

At her funeral, he wept as I hugged him.  He was haunted by the nightmare of watching his 46 year old wife slip out into eternity in his arms.  He looked at us, with tears welling up in his eyes and said, “She died with fear in her eyes.” He paused to gain control of his voice and then continued. “Christians don’t die with fear, do they?”  What is so heartbreaking about these kinds of funerals is that we don’t know if she is with the Lord. 

In the past month, we have lost four people whom we have loved and prayed for.  Two are with the Lord, two are not.  This is why you keep us here:  to stand between the living and the dead and proclaim Christ. 

Thankful for the saved, grieving for the lost,

Mark Hale

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