Saturday, February 21, 2015

December Prayer Letter

December 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

This month we have had three challenges for our family in which the Lord has increased our faith and grown us spiritually to be more like His Son. 

Our 15 year old Volkswagen is a good, reliable car which we are very thankful for since we drive tens of thousands of miles each year ministering in our church in Lagos and in our sister church in Albufeira (an hour and a half away).  But those miles take a toll and this month we paid over $2000 to make necessary repairs.  God knew this was going to happen and gave us some extra Christmas offerings which helped to meet the need!  May God RICHLY bless all of you who sacrificed over and above your regular giving, to send us an extra Christmas offering.  Thank you so very much!!

After weeks of slowdowns, crashes and glitches, our computer quit working and spent almost a week at the technician’s shop.  Thankfully our work horse is once again helping us get caught up on prayer letters and ministry materials! 

On Dec. 10th, our son, Joshua stepped onto a train only to have the doors malfunction and slam shut on him, trapping his arm and leg outside.  The driver, trying to get back on schedule, began pulling out of the station, accelerating quickly.  Joshua could not reach the emergency stop button located just six inches from his free hand and realized if he couldn’t get loose, his leg would be crushed by the concrete electric pillars next to the track.  With the poles rapidly approaching, the conductor entered the car, saw what was happening and hit the emergency stop button.  He pried the doors open and Joshua collapsed in his seat, relieved and unhurt.  PRAISE GOD for His protection!!  We were five hours away, waiting at the train station and unable to help him.  But, our Heavenly Father took care of His son when we could not.  God is SO good!!

May you have a blessed Christmas,

Mark Hale

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