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November Prayer Letter

November 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

She survived the Normandy landings as a child and has fond memories of Americans rescuing them from the Nazis.  That is why over two years ago, G. began taking the free English classes our church offered.  She also began attending our church services as well and has been faithfully coming and listening to God’s word ever since. 

She is a committed Roman Catholic as was her family.  There are times when she sees “similarities” in our doctrines but recently, she has been seeing the differences.  After Sunday services, she was talking with a couple of our folks and one man mentioned his lost uncle saying, “If my uncle continues in his rejection of Christ, he will die and go to hell.”  G.became agitated and loudly said, “You cannot say that, no one knows where people go after they die, only God!”  The man continued, “Yes, that is true, but if my uncle dies still rejecting Christ as his Savior, he will go to hell.” G. became silent for a moment and then said, “If  I believed that, then I would have to say that all of my family is in hell.”

There are times when the truth of the gospel is so painful that some turn away in a blind attempt to avoid the eternal destiny of their departed love ones.  Only God knows for certain the eternal destiny of every person who has died, so we continue to warn the living that there are no second chances after death.  The Bible declares:  Now is the day of salvation, now is the accepted time.  Please pray that G. will see past the possibility of her family being in hell and embrace the love of Christ and accept His salvation before she faces eternity without Christ.

A light on a hill,

Mark Hale

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