Friday, August 28, 2015

August 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

I had been sick all week with fevers, chills, muscle aches, and a racking cough that wouldn’t go away.  I crawled out of bed that Sunday morning with great difficulty and got dressed.   I felt even worse by the time we arrived at church.  Desperately,  I prayed, “Father, take over, I can’t do this…”  

God powerfully answered that prayer.  Four first time visitors arrived among our regular folks and we had our largest attendance ever!  God gave me the strength to lead the service and preach His word.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident.  It was one of those services where there was no doubt that God was in control. 

In the last two months, we have had more visitors than during the entire history of our church and most of them are continuing to attend services!  God is showing us that in spite of our weaknesses, in spite of the hardness of people’s hearts, He is still in control and has a remnant that desires to know Him and His Word in this ancient and wicked city. 

We now have six adults studying with us in our new converts/ new member’s class.  Please pray for A, J, M, J, I, and G that each one would faithfully attend, study and learn the basic doctrines that the Word of God teaches and become members of our growing church.

Praising God for our weakness and His strength,

Mark Hale

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