Friday, August 28, 2015

July Prayer Letter

July 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

The enemy’s attacks began weeks ago and continued until the last day of camp.  Every missionary that participated in our youth camp endured car problems, health issues, financial difficulties and last minute cancellations by lost parents suddenly filled with anxiety over their children coming to camp. 

The enemy was at work among the campers as well.  Every lesson and sermon was hindered by distractions too numerous to mention.  For the first three days, not one soul was saved, not one life brought closer to the Lord.  Yet we continued to pray and you, our prayer warriors, remained faithful in holding us up before the throne of God. 

Finally, near the end of the week, the walls of resistance and rebellion were broken.  The hardness of hearts and the distractions of the enemy came crumbling down.  Five precious souls were saved this week at youth camp!!  In spite of Satan’s attempts to discourage, distract and destroy, God won the victory!!

Thank you for your faithful prayers!  Thank you for laboring together with us to see this harvest of souls!

Working for the night is coming,
Mark Hale

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