Monday, May 28, 2018

March Prayer Letter

March 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, I pray this poem is as much a blessing for you to read as it was for me to write.

I’ve killed in war and fight for Rome, I serve my gods and miss my home.
These Jews won’t serve our gods at all but bring a man to Pilate’s hall.
This man they call the King of Jews, His life he is at risk to lose.
Why would they reject their King and not His praise and glory sing?
Now I’ve seen it all.
Pilate wants to set him free, there is no fault that he could see.
But the crowd just wants him dead, they choose a murderer instead.
“Away with him!” their voices ring, Caesar is our only king.
So, Jesus is condemned to die, and in my mind, I wonder why?
Now I’ve seen it all.
We laugh at him and mock his name, we spit on him and do him shame.
We beat him hard, he almost dies, the cross he bears while women cry.
Yet on the hill, he lays right down, and spreads his hands without a sound.
We drive the nails in hands and feet, but on his lips, are words so sweet.
Now I’ve seen it all.
We watch him there between two thieves, we hear His words and one believes.
The darkness comes and He cries out, this is strange, there is no doubt.
I watch him take his final breath, I see him bow his head in death.
I thrust my spear into his side, to make for sure that he has died.
Now I’ve seen it all.
Three days they tell us is enough, to guard his grave and call his bluff.
The stone is sealed, the watch is made, I’ll keep him there with Roman blade.
Three days pass the stone rolls back, the dead came forth and that’s a fact!
No Roman guard, no Roman blade, can hope to keephim in the grave!
Now I’ve seen it all.
I took the money and told the lie, “His disciples stole his body” I cry.
But in my heart, I know he lives, eternal life to me He gives.
And now I serve Him as my Lord, His word to me became my sword.
One day soon, He’ll call me there, but now His cross for me I’ll bear.
Now I’ve seen it all.
They come for me with torches lit, hatred in my face they spit.
One last chance to save my life, embrace the gods and miss this strife.
But I was there when He came out, “He’s alive!” at them I shout.
So now I hang upon a cross, my life for Him is not a loss.
Now I’ve seen it all.
He waits for me with open arms, forever free from pain and harm.
“Well done,” He says with love and grace, “you finished faithfully your race”.
For ever more I’ll sing His praise, to thank Him for amazing grace.
The joys of heaven are for me, the face of Jesus I can see.
Now I’ve seen it all.

Thankful for the risen Savior!

Mark Hale

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