Monday, May 28, 2018

April Prayer Letter

April 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

She was just looking for a home. She was pregnant and her time was getting near. She wanted some place safe, warm and comfortable when her babies arrived. She found what she thought was the perfect location for her nursery, but the owners had other thoughts.

When the car wouldn’t start, I popped the hood and was disgusted to find rat feces on the engine (never a good sign) and shredded insulation stuffed into the top of the engine.  In spite of my best efforts, the car would not start. We placed a call to the insurance company and an hour later, the tow truck arrived. With some difficulty, we got the rat nursery onto the flat bed and started for the mechanic’s.  On the hour-long journey, God opened doors with Luis and I was able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him.  He had lost a daughter as we had and this shared loss gave me a wonderful opportunity to talk about heaven and our only hope – Jesus the Savior.

A week later after almost $200 worth of repairs, the rat returned, avoiding the traps I had set and did more damage and we had a second trip to the mechanic with the help of another tow truck and yet another opportunity to share the gospel.  I am hoping this method of evangelism is not the new norm…! With eight various types of traps set, we are hoping to take care of momma and daddy rat and their babies so our car doesn’t become the scene of another rodent nursery rhyme.

Please pray for Luis, that our conversation and the tract he received will bear fruit and he will be saved.

Thankful for opportunities to witness in spite of the methods,

Mark Hale

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