Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May Prayer Letter

May 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

For months, we had been counting down the days to this moment and when he walked out of customs control into the airport terminal, we waved with unbounded joy to our son, Joshua. The hugs were long and filled with love, then we ran to the van and made our way through the busy streets of Lisbon.  Our son, Joshua, was finally home from Bible college and had been in transit for 20 hours by the time he arrived. Yet, he was scheduled to preach in a Baptist church across the city in just an hour, so the drive was hurried.

We made it with time to spare and in spite of his weariness, Joshua preached a very good message from Isaiah 9 and 10 about the mercy of God and how the Lord’s hand was (and still is) extended in mercy to those who are under condemnation.  We can see the depth and growth that the Lord has accomplished in Joshua this past year and are so thankful to our Savior and to every one of you who are faithfully praying for our dear son.

He is scheduled to preach in our two churches this coming Sunday and in Sunday and Wednesday services throughout the summer.  He will also teach at camp in July. In total, he will preach and teach a minimum of 10 times in the next three months as well as finishing all the many tasks we do in preparation for our vacation Bible school and youth camp.   It is such a joy to have our son back home for the summer, but especially because he has such a servant’s heart and burning desire to share God’s word with the lost and saved! Thank you so very much for your faithful prayers for him!

Praising God for our son and for you, our prayer warriors,

Mark Hale

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