Saturday, August 4, 2018

June Prayer Letter

June 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

We have known her for 11 years, talking with her and witnessing when God gave the opportunity, yet as a typical Portuguese, she deflected and delayed and came up with reasons to avoid the biblical truth we tried to share.

We see her multiple times each week.  Recently she called up Michele and asked us to pray for her mother who was diagnosed with cancer.  Of course, we prayed and had both of our churches praying as well, asking God for not only physical healing, but spiritual as well. Her mother had surgery, the tumor was successfully removed and she seems to be making a full recovery. 

E. came to a church service to thank us for our prayers and remark how those prayers seemed to make the difference. She listened closely as I preached God’s word and carefully explained the plan of salvation.  She stayed after the service to fellowship with our members and has promised to return again.  Please pray for E. and her husband, two sons, and mother.  They are the typical Portuguese family: nice, honest and hard-working, yet living in deep darkness. They claim to be Catholic, yet never attend mass, claim to believe in God but make no effort to come to Him.  Please pray for E.

Seeking the lost sheep for Him,

Mark Hale

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