Monday, November 13, 2017

August Prayer Letter

August 2017

Dear Praying Friends,

Sometimes, a church announces they are wanting to do a “missions trip” and we always wonder how it is going to turn out.  Some of these trips end up being one or two days of ministry and the rest sight seeing with the missionary as translator.  Other times, a church comes with a heart to serve and their folks come to evangelize the lost and encourage the saved.

Each summer, we hold youth camps in cooperation with other independent Baptist churches from all over Portugal.  It is a week filled with much labor, sweat and tears, but we do it knowing that for many of the youth, this will be the only opportunity they have to hear the gospel of Christ since their Catholic parents will allow them to come to our camp, but never to church services.

This summer, Overland Park Baptist Church sent a group to help us with our youth camp. In 32 years as missionaries, I have rarely seen a more prepared group than this one.  The adults as well as the teens served with enthusiasm and without complaint.  Their sacrifice made it possible for the missionaries to spend more time with the campers.  As a result, 9 precious young people were saved during camp and the grandmother of one of the teens who visited the last night of camp and heard the gospel was saved the following Sunday in church in Porto Alegre.  PRAISE GOD!!!

Thankful for co-laborers,

Mark Hale

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