Saturday, November 18, 2017

October Prayer Letter

October 2017

Dear Praying Friends,

While studying the Word of God with her husband, she came to the realization that her “baptism” in a church that actively teaches and practices false doctrine was not biblical baptism.  She immediately told her husband that she wanted to follow Christ’s example and be baptized as the Scriptures command.

The day was sunny, warm and the breezes were soft.  It was a perfect day for a baptism, we thought, until we arrived at the beach.  (We baptize in the sea as a testimony to our city and all the folks visiting here.)  Although the weather was good, the tide was high and there were six foot waves crashing onto the shore.  “Oh boy” I thought, “this is going to be interesting!”

We sang a couple of hymns and then I brought a short message on “What baptism is and what baptism is not” while some of our folks passed out tracts to the people walking by. Then it was time for us to wade out into waist deep water.  We were both immersed twice by the huge waves before we ever reached the desired depth.  I had just raised my arm and began reciting Matthew 28:19 when I saw her wince.  I braced as yet another wave crashed over us.

After we got our footing back, we decided quickly to baptize her in between the six foot waves.  We obeyed the Lord’s command and followed His perfect example and then safely made it back to shore.  We had a wonderful service later at church and dinner on the grounds after the service as we welcomed this godly lady and her young preacher husband into the membership of our church.

Thanking God for obedient Christians,

Mark Hale

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